Fragments (1)

- March 11, 1987 -

We must not complicate the issue with laws upon laws
and rules upon rules...

We must learn to see beyond these limits.

Mental complexities are the product of a conceptual mind
weaving patterns with fixed concepts,
and the result is ultimate entanglement in that web.

And then, we have to continually refer
to those laws and rules
again and again,
to disentangle ourselves.

And so the process repeats in an endless cycle - until -
Until we clearly see -
what is actually happening.

Then the chattering mind reveals itself.
It does not have the answer -
It has many answers - depending on the mood,
the environment,
and the stimuli presenting themselves.

A complete picture of mental fragmentation
becomes apparent.

How can there be unity,
even a semblance of a wholesome life,
when the mind is totally fragmented
with a patchwork of complex concepts,
each one competing for prominence,
and each one, at the same time,
trying to figure out what the others are trying to say ?

In a quiet moment, somtimes, just stop all activity,
and observe the mind.

Don't interfere !
Just watch what it is doing.
The chatter that echoes
through that maze of fleeting thoughts
will astound you !

Out of this confusion must come order
before one can seriously consider anything else.

Can we see anger as it starts to move
through that mental maze ?
Then having spotted it, can we see
the consequences of expressing that anger
before it moves any further ?

Can we see the strings, the sutures,
that attach us,
and surgically bind us
to a concept, an idea, a feeling,
and make us one with that thing ?

Why must one be attached to anything ?
Do we enjoy being limited, and enslaved
to a mere idea, a concept ?

Surely, we have a potential to be greater than that !

Now if one is not careful,
here is where one falls into a trap.
Realizing that there is a disturbance, or disharmony,
one usually looks for the law, or rule
that will explain the governing principle.

That is to say, that one assumes
that there is a law or principle of action
for every problem situation,
and then one proceeds to apply some neat,
memorized formula
for guiding one back onto "the path".

It's nice and neat, and makes one feel good.
If, after a while, one approach hasn't worked,
then one tries another formula - and another -
and so on, and so on, and so on.

The problem here is that the formula is not permanent,
and neither is it dynamic. It is fraught with limitations.
Every time the same sort of problem reappears
the same principle, or law, or rule, or whatever,
has to be applied again, and again.
And the battle continues,
even when one thinks that the problem has been solved.

What has happened,
is that one concept - the formula, or law, or rule,
has been applied to another concept
- the problem.

It is a battle of concepts that ensues,
and the fragmentation continues,
one concept trying to master another.

The mind is still chattering.
It has not been mastered.
One is still attached to ideas, to concepts,
to controlling principles and laws.
They are all concepts.

So, how does one escape such a dilema ?

As long as concepts of any sort
are masters, or the motivators,
the controlling factors in life,
then we are attached to them by implication;
they being our possessions,
and we, in reciprocation, being their slaves.

That is being enslaved to one's own possessions
to the point where the possession
and the possessor are indestinguishable.

They are one and the same thing.

If you are angry
then you are anger.

If you have a concept that a certain law
controls a certain function,
then you are that law,
and consequently,
you are limited by the definition of that law.

Then another law takes over, and another,
until you really don't know who
or what you are any more.

Fragmentation and conflict prevail,
and the cycles of mental chatter continue.

The adage or perhaps axiom
"KNOW THYSELF" has been presented to us.
What does it mean ?
It is more than simply knowing about oneself.

An individual, a living thing,
changes moment to moment,
and what you knew about yourself last week,
or a minute ago,
is already too late for the present moment.

First of all,
to know oneself is to understand the principle
of how the mind functions,
for that is the medium,
the instrument which manifests the sum total
of our consciousness
at any moment.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly,
one must be able to perceive
the relationship of the instrument
to its origin,
and the intent of its manifestation.



Poet of the Heart

- written October 29, 1985 -

A thought belabors his endless toil,
A poet at heart, a worker of soil -

The sky above, the earth below,

And space beyond with worlds to know.

. What power guides, what secret lies
For man to find beyond the skies ?

. And wisdom sings a holy
hymn -
. The dawning skies are deep within.

... Learned men do speak and tell
... Of knowledge, and power as well.

... And boldly they do proclaim
... The countless virtues of the same !

But what of joy and what of beauty ?

What of love, and what of duty ?

Asleep, this inattentive lot

Who wander the cavities of thought !

. What thought can remark
. Beyond all amusement,
. That joy is a spark -
. And beauty is movement ?

.... Can knowledge claim the throne above
.... With power as its deputy ?
.... Can it displace the work of love

.... Where duty leads to harmony ?

Behold, a wakeful poet of the heart,

A worker of soil, enacts his duty -

Joins the chorus and lives his part

In a song of joy, the symphony of beauty.

........                     ..............._oOo_



- November 19, 1970 -
My heart is light, on air does fly,
With vivid delight the soul does cry.
A cry of joys with bonds released,
A growing poise with love increased.
Increasing in range like vibrant tone,
Expressions change and reach the unknown.
Unknown yet known; for in your reach
A truth is sown, and this will teach.
Teach it will, and with such fairness,
As with a shrill – will come awareness.
Awareness is a truth, a light,
A cosmic bliss, a soul's delight.


The Realm of Reality

- January 12, 1968 -

Inspirational thoughts of galaxies unknown
Await reception by mankind, yearning alone.

Man looks for an answer, to grasp, and clutch,
........ within his hands,
Within his mind, his consciousness, his vision,

 ........his dream.

Reality is just the grasp beyond;

 ........that which is there, and yet, unseen:
And to feel its presence is to hear 
.... ... the whisper in the wind,
Or the moment of stillness, which grows

........ with anticipation,
But escapes understanding, and reason.

You cannot touch reality:

 ........you cannot hear it nor see it.
You must know it, and feel it

 ........with the arms of your soul.

True reality is a reality beyond reality,

 ........and so real, that to us
It becomes unreality, seemingly a wish

 ........of mystical utopia.




Ancient Dreams

             December 29, 1992
       (originally written as a song)
(from my book 'Thoughts and Time')

Yesterday is on my mind -
Ancient dreams that
Paint our days like a rhyme


CHORUS:  Memories of days
                     gone by and
              Still they reach and

              Bind us to yesterday


              Ancient dreams that
                dwell in our mind -
                 - repeating in time.

                                          Yesterday, it calls to me -
                                          Spinning yarns of hope,
                                          Of things to be ...

                                                        CHORUS: (as above)                         

                                          Ancient dreams, spinners of time -
                                          Life is more than dreams in our mind.

                                           Yesterday, so many years -
                                           A million dreams that
                                           Fail to end many tears!

                                                          CHORUS: (as above)

                                           No more rhymes, no yesterday sighs -
                                           Dream no more - be free of ties.

                                           No more dreams, no yesterday cries -
                                           Sleep no more, and open your eyes!

                                           ... Sleep no more, and open your eyes.

                                                                                                                                                                                             - wladicus -


...................(July 21, 1971)
(From my booklet 'Thoughts and Time' published 2001.09.02)

The world before is the world now,
Breeding the world tomorrow somehow,

There is no time, no loan;
All is now - the timeless zone.

......All that is physical manifests in time -
......All that is thinking follows that line;
......Thought is memories of happenings past;

......Thought is hope for things to last.

Thought, sweet memory's mime,
Accumulating, coagulating - time;
A psychic illusion, a binding reality,
An escape from cosmic totality.

......Released from memory's plough,
......Revelling in the eternal NOW,
......Unbound, unlimited, free of time;

Free of thought's babbling rhyme.



Smiling Eyes

A Song I wrote on Feb. 2, 1992
Now I see her face
On a misty dawn
How can I embrace
     and hold her charm -
     and touch - her heart
     to my own.

Then she came one night
In a windy storm
And her smiling eyes
     so soft and warm -
     her eyes - they touched
     my soul.

She's my dream all day
Haunting me each night...
Memories I paint
     just turn to white -
     like snow - they melt
     into tears.
Tears of joy, a mystery
Dream no more - said she ...


Dreams are clouds of time
Touch my love - said she
And her lips of wine
     enchanted me -
     with soft - and warm
     smiling eyes.



A downsized version of this poem has been published. It is part of the group I called "Fragments" which I wrote in 1987. This particular 'fragment' was written on March 24, 1987.

=== CALAMITY ===

CALAMITY, you are a devious nature.
You entice, you enslave.
You press so incessantly and confuse the soul.

Can you not see that we have had enough of you,
and need no more?

You are no mystery to me.
I see you in your feigned innocence,
as you start to prowl the chambers of thought.

You present arguments and excuses
to justify your existence.
You tell me that I cannot live without you.

But I do not buy that!

I can see that you are the offspring of your ancestors.
Your antiquity is obvious, and now
what purpose you may have had,
has come to an end.

You thought that you could find a dwelling place in me -
to build your pride, and increase your stature,
and shout out "This is the way it should be!"

Your world is not for me.
I parted company with you,
and now I am free.

And now that I see you for what you are,
You shake and tremble,
revealed before my piercing glare.

And then you fade away
in hopes of appearing on a better day.
But your hope is limited
and cannot grasp the way I go.

Calamity, your work is done with me!
I have changed
and am not what I was before.

"Change!", you shout.
"I can change!", you pretend.
But this change
you will never comprehend.

You and your brothers are a mischievous lot.
You offer false hopes and stir up desires.
Your change is directed by what was before,
which is more of the same in another decor.

Time is your hope, and
time is your limit.
Your days are numbered, and in time
you are finished!

There is a source that is beyond the realm of time.
It declares no limit:
and for you, it will always be undefined.

Oh, Calamity! I know you well.
No longer do I feel your sting:
You have been totally disarmed,
and all that remains is a shell.

Your selfish nature has been revealed,
and soon others will know -
There is another way, a different world -
A place where you cannot go.



Faith ... Belief

The words "faith" and "belief" seem to be used quite interchangeably. Let us look at the meaning/definition of these words outside of direct religious application.

For example Wikipedia defines faith as follows:
Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth of or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
The Merriam-Webster OnLine dictionary defines belief as follows:
1 : a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing
It appears from the above definitions that the word "faith" can include "belief" and it adds the element of 'confidence' to "belief or trust". Also quite interesting is that belief from the above source is defined as "a state or habit of mind". I have looked at belief for many years now as just another way of "thinking", which might be considered as "a state or habit of mind". It is also interesting to me that the definition of "faith" given above comes somewhat close to the way it is put in the Christian New Testament (King James Version - Apostle Paul's Letter to the Hebrews) Hebrews 11:1 - "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Here "evidence" seems to imply "trust" as used in the above definition.

Now that we have a somewhat clarified view of the terms "faith" and "belief", we can begin to challenge ourselves on more appropriate usage. By misunderstanding what we are saying (misusing words) we often are disappointed when things turn out not as we expected, or else we limit our potential to achieve greater heights in every walk of life. For example, in the days when people believed the earth was "flat", that 'belief' limited the potential of the further evolution of knowledge and discovery in general. Recall that belief (as defined above), is "a state or habit of mind", and in the days of the 'flat earth' theory, the "belief" of the educated world (mainly the church and nobility) was a very limiting factor to progress. In fact, it was not until this was questioned seriously, that daring explorers such as Columbus, actually proceeded to cross the Atlantic Ocean westward, without fear of falling off the 'edge' of the world; and thus the discovery of the American continent. The "faith" in the possibility of something beyond the current limitations of habitual thought (belief) has provided the energy and daring for explorers, inventors, scientists, and visionaries in general, to manifest hidden potential available to any human that could surmount the limitations of habitual thought. (Perhaps in a future blog we will look at the nature of thought itself: habitual, fixed, limited, the movement of memory, always based on the past).

Thus when one says 'I believe that is correct', they are merely confirming that what they think (have as a habitual thought pattern) is in agreement with what someone else has said. Now religions have put a different 'spin' on this word 'belief' which tends to confuse one where clarity would be more appropriate. We communicate with one another through words, which are the written or vocal manifestation of mental concepts. All concepts are limited by nature so that the words we use carry an energy in them which more or less points to an 'image' of what we are trying to communicate to another person. If the conceptual imagery of the originator is not very clear then the person receiving the message may misunderstand what was intended by the originator of the communication.

Words are never the 'thing in itself'. A word only points to what one is trying to describe or communicate. For example, the word 'table' is not the table itself. The word table is only a concept which provides many, many possiblities as to what a table can be. That is the power of conceptual thought. The table in question could be a regular 4-legged dining room table, or it could be the top surface of the 'stump' of a tree. There are literally thousands of possibilities in between those two extremes. Therefore, it is always important to communicate with mental clarity and to use words carefully. This will tend to provide maximum impact in communication.

It may be of great service to us to understand that 'belief' is but a way of thinking, and that 'faith' is the confidence in our potential to achieve things that may be beyond our belief (beyond our limitations in thought).

Although I have focused on the limiting nature of belief in general, it does not discount entirely a place for belief. Wherein belief is a habitual way of thinking, it will always be accompanied by limitations. However, if one projects a vision of what one would like to achieve or make possible in their life experience, then that would be in a sense setting up a new habitual mental pattern in the mind (a new belief) that could be held onto in 'faith' (as defined above) so as to summon and access potential energies that previously may not have been available to us. As long as such 'belief' harnesses only 'positive' (non-inhibiting) energies, then it would be beneficial to our life experience.

In any case belief, since it is in essence a habitual mental activity, carries with it inherent limitations that are determined by the mental processes themselves. Faith, on the other hand, can enhance the effects of mental processes through its element of confidence in the matter being considered.

There is another dimension of understanding belief and faith which has not been considered in the above. This is in regards to the initial concept of "Energy Beings" introduced in the first blog of this series (Energy Beings). To look into the manifestations of belief and faith in that realm is more complex. (This is another topic I may consider in a future blog).



On this day, Mother's Day, I wish all the mothers a very happy and enjoyable Mother's Day.
It is not only a celebration of the fact that we were all birthed and nurtured by a caring mother, but perhaps even more profoundly it is a celebration in understanding that it is the feminine principle of life that is the "executive" branch of all creation, the male factor being the other branch. Every 'strong' male is imbued with a healthy dose of the feminine in his manifested character. It is a tribute to the feminine.

Also, we should carefully note that without a strong influence of the feminine factor to mediate the more aggressive male element in life there would soon be no stable society, nor a progressive civilization.

The feminine has not only the birthing aspect, but also the nurturing, caring and compassionate aspects without which no society can survive.

And thus, without turning this into a treatise on motherhood and the feminine, I wish a very happy and joyous day to all you mothers. Know that you are loved even if some fail to demonstrate it on other days of the year. Sooner or later their sensitivity will sharpen to that understanding.


A New Kind of World

Many people will assert that reality is "what is", what they see happening every day. If we think this way, then we prevent the "creation" of any other kind of world that could be. Can one, or how can one change the currently accepted "realistic point of view"?
If one believes that the current view is so pressing and "real" that it is absolutely impossible to create a different kind of world, then that personal world view limits one's experience of life.
Might it be possible for sensitive humans to get together, in spirit and thought at least, and see if there might not be some way to actually improve the world situation? It starts with each individual.
I am proposing a new dimension of understanding and growth for every human. If one can "see" what is going on, and understands that by helping to build in one's consciousness a positive vibration of the world that would be more beneficial to all, then such a change will become inevitable, no matter what the "nay-sayers" think. After all the same principles have produced the world we have today, but with more negative elements.
I merely propose to those who "see" this, that it is possible to project a more positive world, but it has to start with each individual person changing themselves. We are first and foremost responsible for our own good behaviour, attitude and positive approach for experiencing a great life. Then there is a possibility of it evolving to encompass an entire planet.
This is my vision, therefore my appeal is to hopefully touch that element of compassion that is awake in many people to change their views of what is possible and to start living as if improvement were possible. That is a sure way to change human behaviour. Studies in behaviouralism show that it works, and most all courses in personal development teach that to improve oneself, one must view a more positive future for themselves and their entire life situation. By doing so we create the environment we desire around us.
We should all realize that any news article or news report, is someone's opinion and therefore must NEVER be considered as the "truth". If one is sympathetic to the views in a particular article then fine, that is one's view of themselves.
In conclusion, if one chooses an attitude of appreciation and joy toward life it invites peace and freedom of spirit. As a result one soon discovers that there are really no fears and no worries to be concerned about. Our stay on this planet is so short that to dwell upon relatively insignificant personal problems is a consumption of energy that could be better employed elsewhere. "This too shall pass" would be a good mantra to recall whenever one is confronted with these sorts of minor personal problems.
Life is eternal, while our experience of it is very limited at best. Every person has their personal "Life Story". People experience life as either difficult, challenging, confusing, indifferent, or wonderful - depending on how they choose to perceive it. A new world, a different reality is possible for each individual, but no one can convince another to change unless one begins to "see" that there is more to a person than opinions and personal identity.
Thus, with the dawning of a new awareness of what is possible in life, one enters a new dimension of understanding which brings with it different actions and different results for a different kind of world.

Energy Beings

Physicists, especially those looking into quantum mechanics, have come to understand the universe as a manifestation of energy.

It is a marvelous thing to be able to grasp just an inkling of the grandeur of the creation that surrounds us. The universe, includes all the heavenly bodies (stars, galaxies, planets, sun, moon and much more), and everything we could ever think of with our limited thoughts - including ourselves.
We also are part of this universe, not separate from it. Therefore, being a part of this unimaginably vast universe, we are also a manifestation of energy. According to science, energy can manifest in many forms and in many states. The currently understood states of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma. In general, we are basically aware of only the physical (material) manifestations of energy which includes physical bodies and thought.

It is a complex matter to try to understand what energy is in essence. Definitions and explanations have been invented so that we can talk about energy, but in essence no one really understands what energy is. There are various explanations and from the world of quantum physics we get a 'feel' for energy as something that in its basest form has a vibratory nature. That is to say that the basic way that energy manifests initially is through various sorts of vibrations or frequencies. Thus light, for example, is a vibration at a certain frequency, and when the frequency of vibration of photon energy changes, then the colour of light changes. When the vibration rate reaches the x-ray frequencies then the manifestation of energy behaves as x-rays, etc.

In the same way we can say that energy vibrates in specific ways to manifest every physical phenomenon of which we can be aware. This includes the entire human body. In fact one can think of the 5 senses as being devices that interpret the various vibrations of the universe so that we can understand them at our physical level of manifestation. We can consider our eyes as sensors for receiving light frequency vibrations. The eyes 'interpret' this energy so that we can become aware of the various physical manifestations that reflect the light. Our sense of touch is an interpreter of energy also. Touch interprets heat energy when we are in the warm sunshine, or the heat on the stove top. Also our touch interprets that our hand does not pass through a wall when we push against it. But our touch sense fails to tell us that the 'solid' wall is really mostly empty space composed of atomic nuclei and electrons sparsely spaced. Our hand is also of like nature.
But for a reason it cannot pass through the wall. Similarly, the rest of our senses interpret other areas of energy manifestation so that we can experience the "physical" universe/world.

Oh, by the way, those 5 senses which are the interpreters of the manifestations of energy are in fact themselves made of manifestations of energy. So in essence we have one level of manifestations of energy interpreting other levels of manifestations of energy. And to add to this complexity, we have another manifestation, the brain/mind, which further interprets (or does it?) what our senses bring to it.

So what are we in essence? A very difficult question indeed. But by logical deduction it would seem that we are in essence Energy Beings, and since no one really knows what energy is, then the human being remains a mystery to us. We are a mystery to ourselves. Is it a wonder that we have problems, and various religions, mythologies and superstitions which attempt to provide us with some understanding or at least try to pacify us?

Science also tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In other words, energy comes closest to what we understand to be eternal. A logical extension of this discussion would then be that we are Energy Beings and Eternal Beings having a human experience. Or one could say that we are "Spiritual beings having a human experience". (Define the word 'Spiritual' as you wish).